Anthony Scarcella Biography

About Anthony Scarcella, Co-Founder & Director at Beta A2 Australia

Anthony Scarcella is the co-founder of Beta A2 and has spent more than 20 years in sales and operations across diverse industries including health, vitamin supplements, fitness and now toddler formula.

Throughout his career, Anthony has focused on health and sourcing quality Australian-made products and has aligned with both brands and companies that are equally as passionate about health. Further, he was always been driven to create a real product that sells a real result.

The launch of Beta A2 is a huge milestone for Anthony, as he wanted to create a toddler formula that was Australian made and manufactured, supported dairy farmers, employed Australians, and that will ultimately have lasting health benefits for toddlers as they grow and develop during those critical early years.

He is extremely proud of the purity of the Beta A2 product and given that this is the first A2 infant formula that is truly Australian, believes passionately that this is an incredible feat that has been achieved.

Anthony has always had an entrepreneurial streak and since completing a course in business management and marketing, he went on to establish his first business at 19, a franchise called Elite Fitness, which was a specialist retail store that sold commercial equipment and supplements. After that, he opened his first Vodafone store at 24, which then grew to five stores across Melbourne.

He has always been interested in manufacturing supplements and has been doing so since 2000, where he partnered with a leading naturopath to develop sports supplements and create products that were viewed as being extremely ahead of its time. More recently, Anthony has focused on health and vitamin supplements and sourcing Australian-made FMCG for overseas clients.

Anthony is a big believer in only using natural products and this is something that he has strictly adhered to throughout his career.

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