Benefits of Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin occurs naturally in your body.  It’s found in high concentrations in colostrum, often known as a ‘mother’s first milk’ (and all mammalian milk), and in lesser amounts in tears, saliva, and other mucosal areas (eg. the digestive system).

Lactoferrin helps to build a strong defence when little ones are born and is important at all life stages to support ongoing health, gut health and immunity.

Below are a series of videos where Kate DiPrima, Dietitian and Nutritionist, discusses the benefits of Lactoferrin and the research that started in the early 1960s and continues today into this unique compound.

Please remember that whilst Kate mentions many different illnesses in these discussions, Beta A2 is not claiming that our products are a cure to these; rather, we are sharing them to inform you about what your body already does naturally and how it can be supported in its immunity functions.