Gill Burke Biography

About Gill Burke, Co-Founder & Director at Beta A2 Australia

Gill Burke is a co-founder of Beta A2 Australia and has spent more than 30 years in the FMCG and Food Service industry leading consumer research, rolling out new products, streamlining processes and systems, and creating groundbreaking products including frozen desserts and snacks.

She is enthusiastic about creating food that is locally sourced and uses local ingredients and so has consistently looked for opportunities to launch new products that are made from natural ingredients, produced locally and fill a genuine gap in the market.

Gill identified such a gap and co-created Beta A2 Australia, nutrition company making products from real Australian A2 protein milk. For her, creating Beta A2 Australia is a momentous occasion as it will bring a natural, healthy Australian-produced nutrition range to Australian families, whilst supporting farmers and their rural communities.

She grew up on a dairy farm in country Victoria and has experienced first-hand the world-class produce being manufactured by local farms that benefits the community and is in turn so beloved by customers.

With a strong passion for science, Gill completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science Degree and then spent the early years of her career in research, before moving into sales with Mars, Nestlé and then Arnotts/Campbells.

During the 14 years that she was at Arnott’s, Gill immersed herself in all aspect of the food service industry including customer strategy, product development, processes and systems, consumer research, network and including customer strategy, product development, processes and systems, consumer research, network and quality control, logistics and different business models. She also had the opportunity to bring creative flair to the businesses and had an integral role in building products that are still used by the company today.

After Arnott’s, Gill assisted other Companies to build new ingredient and foodservice businesses before creating Be Cool Group a natural, frozen dessert Company, in 2014.

Gill continues to be immensely proud of all the ideas that she has been able to bring to fruition over the years, as she has always looked to create products that are real food and made from truly local ingredients.

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