Great Sources of Iron for Toddlers

Iron is essential for a rapidly growing toddler. That’s why a lot of cereals and other toddler foods including our Farmers Beta A2 Nutritional Toddler Milk, are fortified with iron.

The recommended daily requirements for iron vary by age[1] are.

  • age 0–6 months: 0.27 milligrams (mg) per day
  • age 6–12 months: 11 mg per day
  • ages 1–3 years: 7 mg per day
  • ages 4–8 years: 10 mg per day

Dietitians Australia recommend the following tips to increase iron absorption[2]:

  • Eating vitamin C-containing foods such as fruits and vegetables at meals times. This will help your body to break down iron-containing foods for better absorption.
  • Eating your meat and vegetables at the same time, because animal protein boosts iron absorption from plant sources.
  • Cooking vegetables to increase the amount of available non-haem iron.
  • Avoid large amounts of dairy at main meals. High levels of calcium and phosphorus can reduce the absorption of iron from plant foods.

Two serves (2x115ml) of Farmers Beta A2 Nutritional Toddler Milk provides 42% of a toddler’s daily iron requirement and is a great addition to your little one’s healthy diet.

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[2] Pumping Iron, Dietitians Australia.  

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