Helping health, span a lifetime

Protein Shake Specifically Designed to Provide Balanced Nutrition for Women over 50 years
Protein Shake Specifically Designed to Provide Balanced Nutrition for Women over 50 years

Beta Living Healthspan 50+ for Women is an A2 Protein nutritional shake to help health, span a lifetime. 

Beyond 50 years of age, the needs of the body and mind change. At Beta A2 we’ve created a great tasting and scientifically optimised nutritional shake to nourish women in this new part of life.

Helping health, span a lifetime. Stay active and healthy.

Why do we use A2 protein cow’s milk?  It’s all about digestion.

Human milk is a type of A2 protein milk, naturally designed for us to easily digest and absorb its nutrients. We’ve taken this natural wisdom and built a formulation based on A2 protein cow’s milk, providing nutrition that digests in a similar way. Vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and much, much more, but no nasties, are added to help women Live Beta, Beyond 50.

Specially formulated to enhance bone mineral density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, Women's Healthspan 50+ Nutritional Shake is crafted to nourish mature women and support normal:
  • Hormonal activity regulation, in particular, thyroid hormones
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Immune system optimisation 
  • Digestive enzyme function and gut health (Fibre & Prebiotics)
  • Maintenance of the nervous system, cardiac and muscle function
  • Cognitive, neurological, and psychological function
Healthspan Women Reviews
Patti Harrison
I am about to turn 73 years of age. I put Healthspan 50+ A2 protein powder on my Weetbix, along with some blueberries, strawberries, half a banana and a spoon of fat-free yogurt. The powder is pleasant tasting and very easy to digest. In summer and exercise classes, I like to swim laps, and I have noticed an improvement in energy to complete my laps. I acknowledge this energy is a result of eating the powder. Importantly for me, I have also noticed a healthier consistency of stool passes. Because of heat, I have been storing containers in the refrigerator. The container is very easy to open and manage. Thank you very much.
Google Review
Annie 65+
I trialled the Healthspan 50+ vanilla flavour which I enjoyed. The consistency was smooth and creamy. I had the protein powder mixed into my porridge each morning. I am on a low fodmap diet. I found three scoops too much and cut it down to two scoops. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the protein powder.
Google Review
Judy van Ruth
I am 81 and have taken HEALTHSPAN 50+ WOMEN for four weeks. I have it as a shake for breakfast. The taste is very nice, and the consistency is creamy and enjoyable. Due to the protein in the shake, I do not feel hungry until I enjoy my lunch. I will continue to use this product as I believe that the A2 milk and the added nutrients are very good for my health and well-being.
Amazon Review
I recently started incorporating Beta Living Healthspan 50+ A2 Protein Shake into my daily routine, and I'm genuinely impressed. As a woman in my 50s, finding the right nutritional support is essential, and this shake ticks all the boxes. The A2 protein is easy on my digestion with no bloating. The taste is fantastic – not your typical protein shake flavour. It's become a convenient way to ensure I get the nutrients I need, and I've noticed an uptick in my energy levels.
Google Review
Ally Griffiths
I’ve been taking a 50+ Beta protein shake every weekday morning for the past eight weeks, and not only does it taste nice, but it has helped me lose some weight and improve my hair and nails. I feel less tired and more energetic. I highly recommend it to any lady over 50 who wants to maintain their health and improve their wellbeing.
Google Review
Sue Holland
I've been using Healthspan Women 50+ to increase my protein intake and better my health
Google Review
Bernadette Pash
I am 92, and I just recently discovered BetaA2 Australia women's 50+ formula. I find it delicious and prepare it as per the instructions on the can. It is great as a mid-afternoon snack and has improved my staying power—I am less tired than I was. I am so pleased I found it.
Google Review
I have been trying Beta A2 for a few weeks now. This product is easy to drink and doesn’t feel heavy afterwards. I have been sleeping better and feeling better in my daily activities. I have an autoimmune disease and feel fatigue is a huge issue, but having a scoop of water in the afternoons helped me finish my day. The taste has grown on me; I really love it. I find it easier than milk to drink and have used it on my cereal. I have also had it with cold water, and it's refreshing on a hot afternoon. I will continue to use this product in the future because it has improved my energy levels, sleeping patterns, and feeling of good health considerably.
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*Australian A2 Cows who are Predominantly Grass-Fed