It is Tough to be True Blue, but we ARE Proudly Australian

We are only a few short weeks away from our Farmers Beta A2 Infant Formula range being available in Australian grocery stores.  The fact that my co-workers and I have been able to watch our dreams come to life as physical products is quite surreal and very exciting. We are proud of this achievement and are eagerly looking forward to the future of both our business and the amazing products we are creating.

Through the long process of the development and creation of our products, we have faced numerous obstacles which have challenged us to be true to our commitment to be an Australian Company, creating amazing products that put Australian families first. Although there have been times where compromise would have been a far easier option, we have stood firm in order to stay True Blue Aussies.

Our Business Values are important to us.  They truly do sit at the heart of who we are and what we do. We continually strive to ensure that we are true to ourselves and our vision, with each step of our supply chain, production and business management being measured against these standards.

Our Core Business values:

We believe in INTEGRITY, we are down to earth, genuine and real – we strive to be transparent,

ethical and fair in all we do – people trust us because we are true to our word.

We believe we are ACCOUNTABLE to our families, our extended community and customers, our

farmers, the environment and the future generations that will follow in our footsteps.

We are committed to QUALITY products, relationships and reputations.

We are PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN. We believe in building a better Australia through strengthening

our local economy by supporting Australian business wherever possible, and by investing in our

future by helping to create and sustain healthy, vibrant individuals.

We believe RESPECT is fundamental to the way we interact with each team member, each of our

Partners and Customers.  This respect is extended this respect to the earth as a whole.

We draw on our PERSERVERANCE and RESILIENCE, as we strive to create and maintain a

successful business, while following our moral compass.  This has been the case over and over again as we have worked to overcome the hurdles and viruses that have been thrown our way.

We are not perfect, but we have plans in place to get better and closer to this ideal every day, to truly live up to the Beta A2 Australia vision to LIVE BETA.  We know that as we grow as a business, we will face challenges and opportunities which will continue to test our resolve. 

I am truly proud of the products we are about to launch, but I am even more proud of the amazing team of mates that is Beta A2 Australia. I look forward to introducing you to all of them.

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