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About Mandy Agnew, Co-Founder & Director at Beta A2 Australia

Mandy Agnew has spent more than 20 years working across diverse industries including scientific research and has been instrumental in managing staff and bridging the world of science and onsite implementation. She has also represented scientific and nutritional product developers and made nutritional products available to the wider retail market, all with an unwavering dedication to healing and personal growth.

A seasoned entrepreneur who is at the helm (as either founder or co-founder) of four privately owned companies, Mandy is passionate about sourcing highly effective and nourishing products and in doing so, helping Australians create greater health and vitality.

Creating Beta A2 Australia was born out of a mission to work alongside Australian dairy farmers to produce a range of nutritional products, including infant formula, from cows that produce milk that only contains the A2 protein.

Mandy is extremely proud that the Farmers Beta A2 premium nutritional range is available to all Australians. She brings to Beta A2 Australia her scientific rigour ensuring that nutritionists are asked the correct questions, that the compliance team are utilising the appropriate regulatory requirements, and finally that Farmers Beta A2’s entire nutritional range are high quality products that help little ones to grow, and helps others heal or maintain their health.

Co-founding Beta A2 Australia was a natural extension of the work that Mandy was doing with Nourish Partners, in providing solutions and sales service to partners so that they can achieve their vision of having a positive impact on the world, in a healthy and nourishing way.

Mandy has deep ties to the farming community as she grew up on a farm in South Australia, and her family have always had sheep and grown crops. Her love of the country and connection to family, ground her in her vision to make a difference.

Passionate about research and continual learning, she studied at The University of Adelaide completing a Bachelor of Science Degree, and she then had the chance to join the CSIRO Mine Site Rehabilitation Research Group, completing her PhD in Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) Environmental Rehabilitation Management.

After finishing her research program with the CSIRO, Mandy worked for several smaller companies before spending four years with Rio Tinto. During this time, she acted as the INAP Secretariat during the early development stages and was also an Operations Committee Member and Research Project Manager. At the same time, Mandy also learnt meditation and began exploring an Eastern approach to both health and healing.

While taking some time off to have a family, Mandy continued to explore the world of holistic healing and wellbeing. She also studied and then taught yoga, dance movement therapy and many other healing modalities, which she continues to do through her therapeutic work.

Mandy is committed to giving back to the community which is a part of Beta A2 Australia’s philosophy as it supports Australian farmers and local communities, while providing wholesome, nutritious food to the people of Australia and around the world, in all of their life stages.

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