Our Beta A2

Why choose Farmers Beta A2?

Our Nutritional range is gentle on delicate tummies and is made from real Australian milk containing only the natural A2 type of protein.
Research suggests A2 protein milk maybe easier to digest.

What does this really mean?

Milk naturally can have two types of Beta Casein Protein, A1 & A2. We use milk from only A2 producing cows, that is naturally free from the A1 protein. We believe in doing so that our nutritional range will support ‘Beta Bellies’, while delivering all of the nutritional benefits and great taste of milk.

Want to know a little more about Beta Bellies?

There are 2 types of naturally occurring proteins in cow’s milk - casein (approx. 80%) and whey (approx. 20%). Beta casein is one of the 3 main casein proteins and makes up approximately 30% of the total milk protein. The difference between A1 and A2 beta casein protein is only one amino acid, which may affect how these proteins are broken down during digestion.

What does easier to digest mean?

When a food is easy to digest, it means the body can more readily absorb the nutrients from the food, this means the food is bioavailable. Better absorption means better health for you and your family.

What does this mean for you and your family?

Consuming nutrition that is rich in essential minerals and nutrients provide the vital building blocks for strong bones, muscles and brain development. Your baby’s natural capacity takes it from there …. and grow baby grow. For children and adults, this means we are supporting your health and wellbeing gently and naturally.

Our Aim...

Our Aim is to produce a formula that supports your baby to be happy, healthy and content to sleep well. We know this means happier, well-slept parents. We’ve been through it!

We are also striving to build our Family Nutritional range so you can Stay Healthy by Naturally Nourishing yourself and your family as they grow.

Why we are inspired by Nature!

There is no doubt that human breast milk is best, so at Farmers Beta A2 we have modeled our A2 infant formula range on this ideal nutrition.
Each and every carefully chosen ingredient has been inspired by Nature. Let us explain using our Stage 3 Toddler Formula as an example.
We ensure that we have:

Calcium and Magnesium to support healthy bones and teeth

Iron to support normal cognitive development

Zinc to help support your child's immune system

Vitamins A, C, D and E to contribute to the natural growth and development

Plus DHA and Prebiotics

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