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Our Vision Statement

At Beta A2, we believe in building a better Australia.

Our mission is to work alongside Australian dairy farmers, to create a Beta range of products, from cows producing milk that contains only the A2 form of beta-casein. Together we make premium nutritional products, to improve the health of the people in Australia and around the world, in all of their life stages.

Our team is comprised of like-minded and down to earth Australians who believe that the unique, clean Australian environment allows us to produce pristine, nourishing products to promote better health for our customers.

As an Australian owned and operated business, we understand the hard work of our rural
communities, and we are proud to say we are supporting our rural communities.

Our Company Core Values

We believe in INTEGRITY, we are down to earth, genuine and real – we strive to be transparent, ethical and fair in all we
 do – people trust us because we are true to our word.
We believe we are ACCOUNTABLE to our families, our extended community and customers, our farmers, the environment and the future generations that will follow in our footsteps.
We are committed toQUALITY products, relationships and reputations.
We are PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN. We believe in building a better Australia through strengthening
our local economy by supporting Australian business wherever possible, and by investing in our
future by helping to create and sustain healthy, vibrant individuals.
We believe RESPECT is fundamental to the way we interact with each team member, each of our stakeholders and extend this respect to the protection of the earth as a whole.
We draw on our PERSEVERANCE and RESILIENCE, as we strive to create and maintain a successful business, while following our moral compass.

Our Sustaining Approach

At Beta A2 Australia we believe we are accountable to our families, our extended community
and customers, our farmers, the environment and the future generations that will follow in our footsteps.

This means we bring the importance of sustainability into all aspects of our business, from our
farming partnerships, throughout our business operations and how we interact with our community.

Our Farming Partnerships

Many of us grew up on farms, some were from dairy farms, other’s had sheep and grew grains. Some of us still work the land. 
We love the country and want to support our rural community by creating business that supports our farmers in a real and meaningful way.
Dairy Australia have created a series of commitments to provide nutritious food for a healthier world. Where possible, 
Beta A2 Australia support these commitments which include:


Developing a dairy industry that rewards dairy workers and families, related communities, businesses and investors.
Our products have no artificial colours and flavours, we believe that nature knows best.

Improving the 
WELL-BEING of people

Maintaining and improving the wellbeing of people through the provision of nutritious, safe, quality dairy food.
We develop natural products that don’t need preservatives, and we will never add them.

Providing best care for all our animals

Striving for health, welfare and best care for all our animals throughout their lives.
We are GMO free, it’s that simple.

Reducing environmental impact

Meeting the challenge of climate change and providing good stewardship of our natural resources.
We are GMO free, it’s that simple.
Visit Dairy Australia

Sustaining Our Manufacturing Partnerships

All of our products are developed with nutritionists and food technologists, ensuring the highest standards are implemented. Our manufacturing is done in certified facilities, where quality systems and lab testing ensure our products meet or exceed all relevant Australian standards.

Our suppliers are a key part of our success so we co-ordinate closely with them to ensure our entire supply chain is world class. A focus on each of these areas of compliance ensures that we are creating a sustainable business that has limited environmental impacts and the systems in place to ensure this can be maintained.

Sustainability of Our Communities

We believe that business is all about people. How we serve and support the people of our communities; locally, regionally and even worldwide. We strive to achieve this by creating nourishing products to support the health and wellbeing of families every day.

But we want to do more. We also want to give back. We are proud to say a percentage of our profits are allocated to support rural community initiatives. We have witnessed first-hand the challenges and hardship that farm life can bring and want to do what we can to help.

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