Our Beta A2 Product Range

Our Products

Stage 1: Infant Formula

Stage 2: Follow-On Formula

Stage 3: Toddler Formula

Beta Immune: Lactoferrin A2 Extra

Stage 4: Junior Milk

Pregnancy & Beyond

Healthspan 50+ Men

Healthspan 50+ Women

Embracing Science and Enhancing Nature

By using naturally occurring A2 milk products and combining them with wholesome supplements, we have scientifically created a Nutritional Formula Range that supports the entire family, in all of their life stages.

Our Best Practice


We start by focusing on where our ingredients come from, insisting on the highest quality.


We are committed to and promote best practice at every step of our manufacturing process and business operations.
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We deliver to you wholesome, clean products created by the delicate balance of science with nature.

What We Leave Out is Important

Our products will never have any artificial colours and flavours; we believe that nature knows best.

We develop natural products
that don’t need preservatives, 
and we will never add them.

We are GMO free; it’s that simple.

We are Palm Oil free; that’s
good for you, the environment and for the protection of our animal friends.

All our products will never contain any added sucrose.

We are maltodexrin free; we keep it simple.



Please work with us to protect our environment. We use fully recyclable packaging so you can do your part too.


We believe we are accountable to our families, our extended community and customers, our farmers, the environment and the future generations that will follow in our footsteps.
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We were Country kids and some of us still work the land so we appreciate our hard working rural communities. We are committed to give back to rural communities to help them thrive.
Farmers Helping Farmers.
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