Shiara Lee


I literally can’t recommend this formula enough!!

After quite a traumatic labour & birth, my milk took a while to ‘come in’ and when it finally did it was a constant struggle to build my almost non existent supply. As first time mum, it broke my heart. 

Initially I used a reputable brand that was suggested to us and within days our poor little miss went from bad to worse. Not only was she struggling with colic but now was extremely constipated & clearly crying in pain. My friend recommended Farmers Beta A2 infant formula. The next morning, I drove to my nearest pharmacy, bought a tin and prayed for a miracle.

Without a word of a lie, from the first bottle, I felt like I had a completely different baby. She slept for a solid 8 hours!!! Within a few days the endless crying had stopped, her constipation had gone and was now relaxed and calm.

Look, I don’t know what’s in those tins but whatever it is, it’s good sh*t and if you can relate to my story at all then you need this in your life.

I can’t thank Farmers Beta A2 enough!

Mon Lindsey


“With our family members all having varying degrees of lactose intolerance (mumma has it the worst) we needed a formula for our third baby that was gentle on the digestive system. 

We had hoped not to need a full lactose free milk and we found one that works! Since our baby girl was four days old she has had the Farmers Beta A2 and she has never suffered from reflux or “the runs”, right through the Stage 1 and Stage 2 formulas.

 Feeding times have been so much easier with this milk than with our previous babies, who drank mainstream brands. Baby is now 11 months old and is still enjoying this milk. Actually, it’s been tricky to get her to move over to having more solids and less milk because she craves her bottles! 

So, we will keep this going and get onto the Nutritional A2 Toddler milk very soon. We are also passionate about supporting Australian farmers and were so happy to find an A2 formula that is Aussie."

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